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Record Label Director

Ahmed's passion for music began since an early age. In early 2000’s he started making his passion his job and worked at Rotana music for 4 years, then moved to Music Master where worked with international labels such as Universal music, Sony Music, EMI (Virgin), Warner and many other independent labels such Wagram, Roadrunner, Time Music, Lolla Music and many more. He is on point with his musical taste and has ability to understand the bands/artists needs.


Sound Engineer / Studio Director

Ayman is a talented, professional sound engineer . He has a genuine appreciation and curiosity for sound and music. He handles the daily work in the control room like recording and mixing for the bands and artists.

With an extensive knowledge of a vast range of musical genres From jazz to hardcore metal (and everything in between). No matter what the project, he gives each 100% of his energy to help artists deliver the best possible sound.


Marketing & Communication Director

With more than 10 years of experience in corporate marketing and a lifetime of passion for music and art, Mostafa is satisfying his creative knowledge and utilizing his marketing strategic thinking to present Wall of Sound and its artists in a unique trending fashion.

He plays the guitar as a sessionist and composes original music. His musical skill weighs in as a bonus to serve the artists of the studio. His style is not to make us better, but to make us different and unique. 

His marketing approach is to humanize the brand to maintain its authenticity. To him, it is all about the love for art and music. He aims to promote Wall of Sound as a cultural phenomenon rather than just a brand.

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