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Wall of Sound Audio-Visual media production was founded in 2020, by Ahmed Shawly and Ayman Nooh. Later Joined by Mostafa Fahmy.

As a one of a kind independent record label we recruit, develop and promote our elite artists. 

We see our artists as family and we aim to offer them the support and guidance needed to freely express their creativity and true highest potential.

Our recording studio will give the artists an unequalled recording/studio experience. 


We specialize in delivering great production, sound quality, and affordable rates to enable local artists to accomplish their vision , We have built a beautiful modern space where artists can truly feel at home, get their creative juices flowing and record their upcoming dream hits and projects.


At Wall of Sound we will help you in all stages of production starting from recording, mixing, mastering, online distribution, international music campaigns, to video shooting .. and much more ! 

At Wall of Sound we are equipped with years of musical experience and the best possible equipment that will help you in every step of the way to manifest your wildest musical dreams.

 We deal with diverse artists/bands from a wide range of different genres, from Rock and heavy metal to Jazz and Classical music.


 We have the skills to recognize the artist/band's strengths and help them refine and develop their talent to bring out the best of them in every track.


We hope to see you soon at the studio. 


6486-6404 Al Uqsur, Al-Ruwais
Jeddah 23211


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