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What we do?

  1. New artist recruitment/ New Artist development ( known as A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire ).

  2. Music publishing.

  3. Manufacture, physical and digital distribute, and promote the recordings of affiliated musicians.

Why Wall of Sound?

1. It's because we are a big fan of your music; that translates into dedication, passion, ambition, and attitude, and because we believe in what you're creating just as much as you do.

2. Because Wall of Sound has smaller staff and tighter rosters. musicians, bands and artists can more easily develop a close friendship with the people working at Wall of Sound, we are a family!

3. Wall of Sound as an independent record label we often do business on little more than a handshake and a profit split contract. In Wall of Sound we rarely demand any measure of creative control over the artists/bands/musician, we don't lock artists/bands/musicians into long-term, multi-album contracts.

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